Special Occasions

I love parties! First birthdays, any birthdays! Christenings, engagements, anniversaries or even ‘just because’ days with your special people. Its about celebrating you, your family/friends and the awesomeness that is your special day! My small event packages are different to weddings and portrait sessions in that it’s not so much about formal portraits, more about capturing moments of the event, like .... Baby tasting cake (or wrapping paper) for the first time Awesome fancy dress costumes Best friend hugs And the love that you share ... Yep, those are the moments that I capture for you.


Peekaboo, I see you! Whether it's a portraiture or candid photography shot in your home or on location, I pride myself in capturing your child's delicious personal quirks and precious little moments during a session. As a mum myself, capturing the details like chubby little hands and feet , crazy pigtails and much loved teddy friends is just as important as the gorgeous portrait. These are the moments that are part of your child's story, that moment in time. This type of session is very relaxed, I like to be guided by the children's needs. So there is plenty of play, breaks and again.... terrible singing (sorry!)


What's your kind of fun? Jumping on your bed, baking a cake, playing in your back yard or going for a walk. A knowing look, that trusting glance, or the bond you share that sometimes can't be defined by words. These are the things that I like to capture, the things that make you 'you'. Whilst I do give your family direction, I like to let a session unfold naturally. I take the time to build rapport with your family by goofing around, singing songs badly and telling terrible jokes. When you're having fun, everything else falls into place. I do also do extended family shoots, where we have Gran, Gramps, Uncles / Aunts and all the cousins along. Photos with your grandparents are things to treasure. My kids love looking at images of me with my grandparents, family history to hand down.


Love, friendship, Couples I love people in love. Celebrating your relationship is a lovely thing to do. In a couples shoot I will not only take more traditional portraits of you together and separately, but relaxed candid moments that show the connection you have with your partner. Its a super chilled session where we may take a walk or have a coffee where I tell really bad jokes. But most of all it will be fun, I promise.


The shining light from within Everyone deserves to have a beautiful portrait of themselves, to celebrate a life goal or a moment in time. The beauty of my relaxed approach to portraits is that I take the time to let your personality shine through your images. Be it candid and relaxed, or more formal and traditional, my objective is to show the real 'you'. We'll have a pre-session chat to throw around ideas on locations, styling and what you would like to do during your shoot.