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Having a little baby is amazing, sometimes your heart feels as though it will burst with the amount of love you feel for your little human.

It’s also a busy, time consuming and exhausting time!  You constantly feel like your’e chasing your tail, never having time for yourself.

Mother’s (and father’s!) groups are a saviour in those early days, a cuppa with a group of people that understand the baby fog is fab.  It is something that I remember making time for as it was fun for me and my little person.

With all that in mind, I thought why not offer group sessions to these groups?  Especially in the lead up to christmas.  Having fun with your friends, updating your portraits and knocking a few chrissy presents on the head for the grandies….. now that’s what I call multi-tasking!

These sessions are for three or more babies/toddlers and are during the week (Mon/Wed/Fri) and are during school hours (9.30-3pm).  All in the one location so you and your little people can feel relaxed and you save time.  This can be a park, the beach or even at one of your homes (all I need is a blank wall with good light like I did with the baby boy below.)

Packages start as low as $75.

So if you would like a relaxed, natural and fun session with your group, drop me a line!2015-09-27_0012


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