Head shots?

I’ve had a few people of late ask if I photograph people for business head shots, and the answer is yes, yes I do! I find this time of the year a great planning and house keeping time, to do all the end of financial year stuff, plan for the next six months of the year and do things like spruce up the online profiles.   Be they your website, social networking, LinkedIn or even a dating profile 😉 So here are the details, drop me a line to book a spot on either of the days in July.

My three.

A quick after school trip to check out my location for Sundays Autumn sessions.  This is how NOT to dress your children for a shoot, covered in logos and and a spiderman suit that is clearly WAY too small. Thanks goodness its his birthday next week so he will be getting a new suit! I have two sessions left for Sunday afternoon, buzz me if you want to come and play in the leaves! This is the only day I will be in healesville, the May session will be in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, so call me quick if this is where you would like to be! B x

Autumn is here!

Yep, 2015 feels like its flying by. Im running my annual Autumn mini sessions again this year, limited sessions are available.  They are super popular, so don’t delay contacting me for a booking. Autumn is one of my fave seasons, so much colour and fun!  Who doesn’t want to run about in knee deep leaves and throw them on top of Mum and Dad (and usually the photographer too!) Packages start at $190 which includes some prints and digital files. To wet those taste buds, here is some Autumn colour from years past. Grab a cuppa, there are a few!  B x  


As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts recently, I have the pleasure of photographing families as their children grow. Ive taken Ryan’s portrait three years running now, and each year is just as much fun and heart melting as the year before.  Photographing Deb and Ryan together is such a joy as the bond they share is so, so sweet!  I may just have to do another blog later in the week that has the last three christmas for you so you can see what I mean. But for now, here they are in all their spunkiness.  I challenge you to not sigh at their cuteness. x


Yep, its that time of the year where I play ‘blog catch up’.  Where I share with you my fave sessions from December and January, where I was too busy shooting to be blogging (and maybe wrapping a few christmas presents of my own.) This is gorgeous Caitlyn, whom I have photographed for a few years now and its always so much fun!  She loves to perform and will happily break into a song and dance number at the drop of a hat.  I find thats when I am able to capture Caitlyn being Caitlyn.  She also seems to like my jokes, or is that a polite sympathetic giggle perhaps? Hmm, probably! Here is the pure sugar sweetness that is Caitlyn. xx

And some more beautiful

So I am too excited to wait till tomorrow!  Here is Julia, gorgeous Mum of Blake whom I have photographed many times before, so it was defo her time in the spotlight. xx  

It's time it was just about YOU!

Ive been promising to show you something Ive been working on for a while now, something to make you, yes you feel special! Ive always been better with pictures than with words, so no more stalling, here’s to seeing yourself in a way you haven’t before. x

Do you do head shots?

So I was asked today,  ‘Do you do head shots?’ And it’s a big, ‘Yes, yes I do!’ I just haven’t really advertised it, so here are some examples of the type of head shots I take.  A mixed bag of people really, a therapist, a builder/business owner, a corporate type and a fitness business owner. These are simple head shot sessions, I do also offer a more ‘deluxe’ session that incorporates shots of your products (if you sell products) or more ‘environmental’ type shots, think in your own space kinda thing  😉 And if there are a bunch of you that are wanting to update your Linked In head shots, why not book an afternoon together?  It can be as formal or as relaxed as you like!  (A cafe for coffees anyone?) xx   Then there’s my own crazy head shots, just so you can see how crazy (or as I like to call it, fun!) I am.

Welcome to winter!

Well the first day of winter did not disappoint the ducks, they were laughing at me this morning whilst I waited for this gorgeous family to arrive. Luckily these guys were great sports and had brought along umbrellas, they weren’t letting a spot or two of rain stop our fun!  True Melbournians! 🙂 And Im glad they did, Alice is just the cutest little thing, had me wrapped around her finger in a nano second. The light in winter is actually lovely and soft, it was exceptionally beautiful in the rotunda today. So glad you guys made the trek out today, you’re superstars! xxx