Carols by candle light

Third year running of the Carols by candlelight at my kids school, and I still enjoy photographing it so much.  The kids really enjoy themselves, which you can see in the images below. First few images though are some of the carols organisers (not all of them, there are some that I missed!) A huge thank you to the work that goes on behind the scenes months prior to the event.  Well done guys, you have created an event that my kids love and really look forward to each year.  And from the turn out, more families are discovering how lovely it is for us to all come together before christmas.  So a huge thank you to you! xx Enjoy the images below, and parents and friends of Holy Spirit, I will have the all the images from the evening for you to view on the return to school, will ask Julie to put the password in the newsletter. Merry Christmas everyone!  Belinda 

Fete fun

Super fun day, amazing fete committee 🙂 It was another fabulous fete day! Bx

My three.

A quick after school trip to check out my location for Sundays Autumn sessions.  This is how NOT to dress your children for a shoot, covered in logos and and a spiderman suit that is clearly WAY too small. Thanks goodness its his birthday next week so he will be getting a new suit! I have two sessions left for Sunday afternoon, buzz me if you want to come and play in the leaves! This is the only day I will be in healesville, the May session will be in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, so call me quick if this is where you would like to be! B x

Personal post 'Simple life'

Some days you just have to turn off everything, devices, phones, work, your mind and do something simple with your small people, to remind you what its all about, why you do all you do.   Taking pleasure in the simple things. xxx


If you follow my Facebook page you would have seen I went to queensland for the AIPP conference called The Event.   Was a wonderful three days of learning, being inspired and meeting new friends (all very talented!) Mum suggested tacking on a family holiday, that they come along on so as to bring the kids up whilst I was at the conference, great idea Mum! 😉   And Im so glad we did!  Was much needed time to stop, reflect and reconnect with not only my small people but with my parents (and my brother and his family too!) Here are some ‘happy snaps’ from our holiday.  Its nice to think of warmer weather on a windy, chilly Melbs day. x    

Catch up posting!

Hello cyber world!  Long time no see! Yep, its been a bit nutty with us being away and then school holidays following on.  I haven’t blogged in ages, so expect there to be a backlog over the next week or so. Thought I would start by sharing the gorgeous sunset from my time at the AIPP The Event conference.  I was lucky enough to see the tail end of it after the last speaker session of the day. Hope it warms your winter hearts 😉 xx   ps- I am clearly not a landscape photographer 😉  Oh and the only thing done in photoshop was a crop and a tiny clarity – yep, the colours were that good in real life 😉  

Autumn is nearing its end :(

As many of you know, Autumn would be my fave season (actually second to summer, that is!)   The colours provide stunning back drops, the kids have a ball as they are told to roll in the leaves and to throw them at me! (cheeky monkeys!) Unfortunately, mother nature has been playing game with me.  Not sure if many of you noticed, but in the burbs where I live, it has been a slow burn for leaves dropping.  Then on Monday night, I had a nightmare that all the leaves in my fave autumn spot in the world up in Healesville had already fallen….. So Seb and I drove up there Tuesday morning, and my dream was actually correct.  Plenty of leaves had fallen, not many left on the trees though.  So unfortunately, my last weekend of autumn sessions in Healesville in a fortnights time will have to be relocated to either Surrey hills or the botanical gardens in the city.  As you can imagine Im devastated.  BUT I know by the time the sessions roll around there will be no leaves left and the ones on the ground will be mulch.  Sigh. So Ive posted below some of the […]

Melbourne sunshine, a personal post.

Hello! I’m not coping with the cold today after having two glorious days of sunshine and warmth over the weekend.  My toes are cold, probably should put some slippers on 😉 If you follow my blog, you will know I have been out of action due to an injury.  Well I got the camera out on Saturday afternoon and it felt so good to be back in my hands.  We had such a lovely time with our friends I had to share the fun we got up to.  Warning, these are not typical portraits, many silly face pulling images will be shared.   We also did a spot of paining at home too, who could resist being outside as much as possible? I hope you all had as lovely a weekend as I did with my little clan. xx

Or in Black and white!

Me again! I know! Two posts in the same day! But what I wanted to show you was this, that even though the location is stunning in colour, sometimes black and white can be called for.  It can change the feel of an image, for me, the third last image here really illustrates that.  In black and white the image is ‘quieter’.  Even though he only stopped for a second, it shows the quiet side, yes he does have one lol! Let me know what you think.  Should a location like this just be in colour, or do you think, like me, that sometimes black and white can be just as stunning. x

Pretty cute test subject, don't you think? ;o)

So, I decided seeing as the sun was shining, and we had been stuck at home with sick older brother, that Seb and I would head up to my beautiful mini session location to check it out.  I have a few families heading up there this weekend and was paranoid that all the wind and rain we have had of late would have stolen my beautiful leaves away from me! But as you can see, it didn’t. I think this will be the last weekend of it though.  And Healesville greeted us with its crisp morning beauty. Have a look at my very active two year old, running (me) about in the leaves!  He, did, not, stop, running!  Well until that last shot, when I asked him to stop running.  I think he was thinking ‘Why?” xx PS- please excuse his ‘non-photo session worthy attire’.  It was a very last minute decision to head up ;o)