Monkey Marcus

A couple of weeks ago, I went to my fave autumn spot with a wonderful family of three.  Meet Marcus and his family! This little guy had me running, jumping and the most funnest part, saying ‘Mine!’  ‘My Mummy, My Daddy, My mandarin!’  He was so much FUN! And Mum and Dad were too, happy to run about, roll in the leaves and give lots and lots of tickles to Marcus.  Im pretty sure its safe to say, we all had a great morning. Thanks for coming out to the country guys, I hope Marcus slept all the way home! x

And the beautiful big peoples!

Yep, as promised, some big people love!  I don’t just like having the small version in front of the camera, the adults are just as much fun! Whether it’s a sneaky shot of Mum with Dad at the family session, a couples session or Mothers and their daughters, it’s just as much fun as it is with the small people. New love, old love, family love. xxx Even though I am myself guilty of shying away from the camera, it’s so important to document these sorts of relationships as well as our gorgeous kids.  These moments you can reflect back upon in many years time, that your kids will LOVE looking at as well.  Most people have said to me that they ‘just want the kids done.’  When was the last time you had your photo taken?  ‘Our wedding day’ is usually the response I get.   Go jump in front of the camera for me, get in amongst it with the kids, show the kids how its done. You will thank me for it, I promise!! xx

Autumn Goodness..

Oh, this little guy is a fave of mine!  Pair him up with one of my fave locations and I was in heaven.  Melbourne had turned on its finest Autumn weather, spectacular sun meant the colour amongst the leaves was more than a little fabulous. I think the images speak for themselves.  I have one more weekend of Autumn mini sessions left, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th, be quick, you don’t want to miss all this gorgeous colour! xx

Surf's up!

I really am catching up on these sessions, this one was from WAY back in November.  I made the trip down to Phillip Island and it was so worth it! Even though I have been going down to the island for more years than I care to remember, I have never been to this beach.  Guys, thanks so much for sharing your little piece of heaven with me.  Also for allowing me to record these special memories for you, I had so much fun and came home with pockets full of sand. There were so many great images, I just can’t share them all, but here are a few. 3<

Blake's first birthday in the park

I love this little family, I have had the privilidge of photographing Julia from her maternity session, Blake’s newborn session, one when he was four months old and another when his cousin Eli came for a visit from the states. And now this, this milestone for both he and his family. The first year of a babies life is so amazing, it really does need to be celebrated.  And that they did!  Jules and Mills threw a gorgeous party in the park.  They also made the cake, together, pretty special huh!  I love first birthdays, I love watching family and friends come together to love and show this little person how important he is. He has the best little personality, it’s been fab to watch him grow.  Cannot wait to see what type of personality he has when he is older again, you’ll understand what I mean when you see the pictures at the bottom of this post. Happy birthday Blake, you’re a big man now! x Check that cheeky grin at the end, what a comedian! ;o)

Catch up!

Happy Australia Day! Hope you are somewhere fun, having a bbq, listening to the hottest 100 on the j’s.  I shipped my lot off with their Dad this morning so I could play a little bit of a catch up on here. I had an amazing christmas / New year period, heaps of photos taken of course, and I have only shared the two I showed you on Thursday.  So, over the next few days I am going to post a blog post a day, yep, get ready for photo overload! This first lot are of the christmas mini sessions I did last year.  Quite a few of you ordered cards through me as well and were kind enough to send some of them filled with lovely words back to me. x So here are the DaGama’s, Hall’s, Wendal’s, Moulden’s, Webster’s, Anderson’s, O’Donnell’s, Ross’ and Mill’s families.  Thanks guys, it was so much fun! xx