Nadia's one!

Love documenting a baby turning one!  Little hands, toes, giggles and the way they look at you like you’re crazy when singing ‘row, row, row your boat’….. Hmm, so maybe they’re right on that last bit. I had captured Claudia’s first birthday and was lucky enough to do the same for Nadia.  We threw in a few frames of big sister so she didn’t feel left out. 😉 Kasia and Andrew, they are gorgeous, gorgeous girls, lovely little family you have there. xxx

C & D :)

So these gorgeous guys are the parents of the beach house babies that I have just blogged.  I LOVE when parents say ‘Belinda, can you take some shots of us alone?’.  Not only does it celebrate your relationship, but I know my kids love looking back at pics of me with their Dad, I also remember doing the same as a kid. Im terrible at remembering to be in photos with the kids or actually …. ever!  Part of being a photographer?  No, not really, I don’t particularly enjoy having my photo taken, which a lot of parents seem to identify with. Of course I say ‘I’d love to take your photos together, when was the last time you had some portraits for yourself?’  Usually the response is their wedding day.  Thats a huge chunk of your history that’s not documented, which is really sad. So, do yourself a favour, be it booking a couples session with me, or asking during a family session if I can steal you away for a few minutes so you guys can be ‘just you, not mum and dad’ for a bit. 😉 Belinda x  

More beach love :)

This is the family from the gorgeous beach house session I blogged a few weeks back.  We were actually at two locations on the day, I had too many to share images to share in my last post, so here are a few more for you to have a peek. People make the mistake in thinking the beach is only a good location for summer months.  The beauty is you usually have the whole beach to yourself and scarves and beanies on the beach can rock as much as swimmers 😉 I also have to dedicate the next post on this family to the gorgeous parents, not just cause they are gorgeous 😉  But to also remind you guys that documenting your own relationship is just as important as documenting your small people. 🙂 Belinda x  


If you follow my Facebook page you would have seen I went to queensland for the AIPP conference called The Event.   Was a wonderful three days of learning, being inspired and meeting new friends (all very talented!) Mum suggested tacking on a family holiday, that they come along on so as to bring the kids up whilst I was at the conference, great idea Mum! 😉   And Im so glad we did!  Was much needed time to stop, reflect and reconnect with not only my small people but with my parents (and my brother and his family too!) Here are some ‘happy snaps’ from our holiday.  Its nice to think of warmer weather on a windy, chilly Melbs day. x    

Welcome to winter!

Well the first day of winter did not disappoint the ducks, they were laughing at me this morning whilst I waited for this gorgeous family to arrive. Luckily these guys were great sports and had brought along umbrellas, they weren’t letting a spot or two of rain stop our fun!  True Melbournians! 🙂 And Im glad they did, Alice is just the cutest little thing, had me wrapped around her finger in a nano second. The light in winter is actually lovely and soft, it was exceptionally beautiful in the rotunda today. So glad you guys made the trek out today, you’re superstars! xxx  

Leaf confetti!

Yes, they mowed my spot, my relocation spot!!  Im really not having the best luck with leaves, but the weather, the weather was fabulous!  And the cuddles and giggles from these two even better! Guys, thanks for coming in, for your patience with the location and for pretending to be babies with me 😉 Here is a preview for you to tide you over till I get back from QLD.  B x

Kids, dogs and the beach = fun! :)

Oh this session was so much fun!! Mum, Dad, three kids and two dogs.  Lots of people say ‘Never work with children and animals.’ Well to you I say ‘pfft!’ These kids and dogs were not only fun but super easy to work with too.  So easy in fact, Im going to have to do a second blog post of the images that we took at the second location. Thanks so much for meeting me at the beach guys!  And yes, my jeans were full of sand when I came home.  Sign of a good morning if you ask me. 😉

Autumn is nearing its end :(

As many of you know, Autumn would be my fave season (actually second to summer, that is!)   The colours provide stunning back drops, the kids have a ball as they are told to roll in the leaves and to throw them at me! (cheeky monkeys!) Unfortunately, mother nature has been playing game with me.  Not sure if many of you noticed, but in the burbs where I live, it has been a slow burn for leaves dropping.  Then on Monday night, I had a nightmare that all the leaves in my fave autumn spot in the world up in Healesville had already fallen….. So Seb and I drove up there Tuesday morning, and my dream was actually correct.  Plenty of leaves had fallen, not many left on the trees though.  So unfortunately, my last weekend of autumn sessions in Healesville in a fortnights time will have to be relocated to either Surrey hills or the botanical gardens in the city.  As you can imagine Im devastated.  BUT I know by the time the sessions roll around there will be no leaves left and the ones on the ground will be mulch.  Sigh. So Ive posted below some of the […]

Behind in Blogging!

Oh my goodness!!  Hello my blog, so sorry to have neglected you so! To make up for it, there will be loads of smiley faces over the next week or so before I head to QLD for the AIPP ‘The Event’ conference.  Yep, Im jamming two weeks of fun in the sun with photography being the catalyst, of course 😉 I will also be running some sessions whilst I’m in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  So if you are a person living sunny side, or have friends that may like to meet me, I’d love to hear from you!   Meanwhile, here is a session from sunnier times in Melbourne.  Part of this gorgeous family were visiting from the US, so decided to get everyone together to have some family portraits done.  So much love, it’s radiating. 🙂 Enjoy! B x        

Hello 2014!

Well, school holidays are drawing to a close for our family this week.  It’s gone so, so quickly and we have had a blast! Which also means I am behind on blogging the families that I have still be having sessions with over the summer.  So you all know what that means, yep, expect to be bombarded with post the next week or so whilst I catch up. Summer is the best time to have sessions.  The weather is beautiful, we can head outdoors, be it a park or the beach, it’s so nice to be outside!   Thanks to daylight savings, sessions can also be held during the week later in the evening when there is delicious golden light. So, without further adieu, the first session up are these really unattractive people that live in a really ugly part of the world ….  just kidding!  These guys couldn’t be any cuter if they tried and where they live is paradise. It was really hard to narrow this session down to the images I have chosen, Alex and Graham, Ida May is just divine.  Enjoy these images, there are plenty more for you as well! xx