Catch up!

Happy Australia Day! Hope you are somewhere fun, having a bbq, listening to the hottest 100 on the j’s.  I shipped my lot off with their Dad this morning so I could play a little bit of a catch up on here. I had an amazing christmas / New year period, heaps of photos taken of course, and I have only shared the two I showed you on Thursday.  So, over the next few days I am going to post a blog post a day, yep, get ready for photo overload! This first lot are of the christmas mini sessions I did last year.  Quite a few of you ordered cards through me as well and were kind enough to send some of them filled with lovely words back to me. x So here are the DaGama’s, Hall’s, Wendal’s, Moulden’s, Webster’s, Anderson’s, O’Donnell’s, Ross’ and Mill’s families.  Thanks guys, it was so much fun! xx