Autumn is here!

Yep, 2015 feels like its flying by. Im running my annual Autumn mini sessions again this year, limited sessions are available.  They are super popular, so don’t delay contacting me for a booking. Autumn is one of my fave seasons, so much colour and fun!  Who doesn’t want to run about in knee deep leaves and throw them on top of Mum and Dad (and usually the photographer too!) Packages start at $190 which includes some prints and digital files. To wet those taste buds, here is some Autumn colour from years past. Grab a cuppa, there are a few!  B x  


As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts recently, I have the pleasure of photographing families as their children grow. Ive taken Ryan’s portrait three years running now, and each year is just as much fun and heart melting as the year before.  Photographing Deb and Ryan together is such a joy as the bond they share is so, so sweet!  I may just have to do another blog later in the week that has the last three christmas for you so you can see what I mean. But for now, here they are in all their spunkiness.  I challenge you to not sigh at their cuteness. x


Yep, its that time of the year where I play ‘blog catch up’.  Where I share with you my fave sessions from December and January, where I was too busy shooting to be blogging (and maybe wrapping a few christmas presents of my own.) This is gorgeous Caitlyn, whom I have photographed for a few years now and its always so much fun!  She loves to perform and will happily break into a song and dance number at the drop of a hat.  I find thats when I am able to capture Caitlyn being Caitlyn.  She also seems to like my jokes, or is that a polite sympathetic giggle perhaps? Hmm, probably! Here is the pure sugar sweetness that is Caitlyn. xx

Personal post 'Simple life'

Some days you just have to turn off everything, devices, phones, work, your mind and do something simple with your small people, to remind you what its all about, why you do all you do.   Taking pleasure in the simple things. xxx

Sunny St Kilda

Hey hey!  Been a while I know, Im only super quick this morning as school holiday madness in full flight at my place! But I did want to sneak in and share a couple of frames from my session last weekend as I know the Mum is busting to check them out.  I have a portrait session with this family twice a year around the time of the children’s birthdays, this session was all about master 4. Enjoy and there are more to come Coomie! xx

Nadia's one!

Love documenting a baby turning one!  Little hands, toes, giggles and the way they look at you like you’re crazy when singing ‘row, row, row your boat’….. Hmm, so maybe they’re right on that last bit. I had captured Claudia’s first birthday and was lucky enough to do the same for Nadia.  We threw in a few frames of big sister so she didn’t feel left out. 😉 Kasia and Andrew, they are gorgeous, gorgeous girls, lovely little family you have there. xxx

More beach love :)

This is the family from the gorgeous beach house session I blogged a few weeks back.  We were actually at two locations on the day, I had too many to share images to share in my last post, so here are a few more for you to have a peek. People make the mistake in thinking the beach is only a good location for summer months.  The beauty is you usually have the whole beach to yourself and scarves and beanies on the beach can rock as much as swimmers 😉 I also have to dedicate the next post on this family to the gorgeous parents, not just cause they are gorgeous 😉  But to also remind you guys that documenting your own relationship is just as important as documenting your small people. 🙂 Belinda x  


If you follow my Facebook page you would have seen I went to queensland for the AIPP conference called The Event.   Was a wonderful three days of learning, being inspired and meeting new friends (all very talented!) Mum suggested tacking on a family holiday, that they come along on so as to bring the kids up whilst I was at the conference, great idea Mum! 😉   And Im so glad we did!  Was much needed time to stop, reflect and reconnect with not only my small people but with my parents (and my brother and his family too!) Here are some ‘happy snaps’ from our holiday.  Its nice to think of warmer weather on a windy, chilly Melbs day. x    

Welcome to winter!

Well the first day of winter did not disappoint the ducks, they were laughing at me this morning whilst I waited for this gorgeous family to arrive. Luckily these guys were great sports and had brought along umbrellas, they weren’t letting a spot or two of rain stop our fun!  True Melbournians! 🙂 And Im glad they did, Alice is just the cutest little thing, had me wrapped around her finger in a nano second. The light in winter is actually lovely and soft, it was exceptionally beautiful in the rotunda today. So glad you guys made the trek out today, you’re superstars! xxx