Autumn has arrived! Yippee!!!

I love seeing these guys, they have a few sessions a year, around the time of each of the kids birthdays.  And as kids have  a habit of doing, are bigger and bigger each time.  Not only do they change in size, but their personalities develop, which is such a treat to watch. Here is a sneak of what we got up to this morning, funnily enough I will start with some black and white fun, leaving you with a taste of what Melbourne Autumn colour is all about.   And a taste of what Autumn gorgeousness is…. Remember, the leaves won’t be here for long, as much as we would like them to be ;o) Book a session before they are all gone! x

Couple session

Something a little different from me tonight, a post with not a child in sight.  I recently went to a workshop and was able to shoot some couples.  I had such a great time I asked these friends of mine if they would mind me practising on them.  Was so much fun!  Thanks C & J for being such great sports, and to the Melbourne weather, for not raining! Happy Easter everyone!  Hope you are spending it with loved ones too. x


I love photographing brand, spanking new babies!  I was especially excited about this session as she is my brand new niece.  Yep, proud aunty here! Introducing my kids to their cousin was so lovely, the boys were especially sweet to watch.  Boys that are usually loud, fast and crazy, were interested, quiet and very gentle.  My heart was melting! Nana and Poppa most generously took these noisy boys home so I could spend some quiet time with Imogen and Jasmine, eldest grandchild and youngest grandchild.  Then Imogen became my assistant and we captured some moments between new Mum, Dad and bubs.  The light in their house was so beautiful, I could have stayed all day, but babies and new Mums need their sleep! So here is Jasmine, my new, beautiful niece. x  

Princess in the park

What started out to be an average rainy Melbourne day, turned into a beautifully sunny and gorgeous one. Thankfully!  As Jess and Trav had planned to have Eve’s first birthday in their local park, it was perfect! Lots of yummy food, picnic blankets and games of cricket.  Everyone had a ball! Especially Jack.  At cake time, his Dad asked him what song they were about to sing, and he got to sing his favorite song. This would have to be the first time I have heard “Baa, baa black sheep” at cake time, if you’re asked a question, why not tell them what you really want!  Go Jack! Jess and Trav, your little family are just beautiful!  Eve, I love a cake too and am probably just as messy as you. Guys, here is your preview, more soon. xx  

Surf's up!

I really am catching up on these sessions, this one was from WAY back in November.  I made the trip down to Phillip Island and it was so worth it! Even though I have been going down to the island for more years than I care to remember, I have never been to this beach.  Guys, thanks so much for sharing your little piece of heaven with me.  Also for allowing me to record these special memories for you, I had so much fun and came home with pockets full of sand. There were so many great images, I just can’t share them all, but here are a few. 3<

And then there were five!

Meet Hugo, another newborn cutie from last year.  I have had the pleasure of photographing Sarah and Cam’s family twice before, when there was just Ava, then again when Harvey was born. This all in the last two years or so, yes this is a busy house! But even with all the bubble blowing, jumping on beds, playing with trains and dress ups, there was a prevailing calm.  Everyone happy, contented and much loved.   I have been bursting to share this session with you all, so many I couldn’t choose, so settle in and get comfy!  You have been warned of a cuteness overload! Sarah and Cam, you have a gorgeous little family, they were a real treat.  And your new beautiful home provided great backdrops for some fun shots. Hope to be blowing more bubbles with you soon. xx

Catch up!

Happy Australia Day! Hope you are somewhere fun, having a bbq, listening to the hottest 100 on the j’s.  I shipped my lot off with their Dad this morning so I could play a little bit of a catch up on here. I had an amazing christmas / New year period, heaps of photos taken of course, and I have only shared the two I showed you on Thursday.  So, over the next few days I am going to post a blog post a day, yep, get ready for photo overload! This first lot are of the christmas mini sessions I did last year.  Quite a few of you ordered cards through me as well and were kind enough to send some of them filled with lovely words back to me. x So here are the DaGama’s, Hall’s, Wendal’s, Moulden’s, Webster’s, Anderson’s, O’Donnell’s, Ross’ and Mill’s families.  Thanks guys, it was so much fun! xx      

Whoo hoo!

After much tweaking, wrong button pushing, more head scratching and lots of google searches, I think I might, just might, have my blog in working order. I won’t say it’s finished, because it will never be finished, it will be an ongoing labour of … love, I’m sure ;o) But for now, I think that this might just be how it will look, for now anyway.   So let me know what you think, good, bad or otherwise! And for good measure till the next blog post, here are two pretty pictures from our time away, cause what’s a post without a picture ;o)


  Hello you! Welcome to my new home!   I have been busy making the place look pretty and organised for your visit. There is plenty to see, so take a seat, have a look around, I would love it if you could let me know what you think.   I have been itching to get this site up and live so I could share with you the christmas mini fun I have been getting up to with beautiful families.  Some used their images for christmas cards, now that I know they have sent them out I can finally share with you!  I am a little partial to a surprise myself, so would have hated to ruined someone else’s! Over the next few days I will share each session with you.  This first family have a very special Mother/Son bond, its beautiful to watch. I have a personal project for 2013, to have more photos taken with my kids.  Not for myself, God knows I hate being in photos, hence my obsession for taking them instead.  So no, not for me, but for my kids. For my kids in the future to reflect on the special times and moments that […]