Christmas is coming, well sort of, nearly….

So I can hear you all groaning, ‘Already! She’s talking to us about Christmas already?” BUT I bumped into a client in Kmart yesterday and she asked if I would be running my Christmas mini sessions this year.  How could I say no! I LOVE running these sessions as it usually means I meet brand new clients.  People that haven’t had a proffessional photography session before but want to see if its for them.  Its also a great way to update your family portraits whilst organising a couple of christmas presents for Gran & Gramps or Nana & Popa ;o) Another product I offer at this time of the year are Christmas cards.  If you are one of those amazingly organised people that send cards out nice and early so your friends and family can enjoy them well before christmas, now is the time to book your session.  With the session completed it takes roughly three weeks to edit, choose and print your cards.  So you can see why Im saying we need to start thinking about christmas. So below is one of the packages that I am offering.  If you’re interested in recieving more information on other packages or […]

Happy Fathers Day!

To all the wonderful Dad’s I have had the pleasure of shooting this year (and those that are reading right now!)  I hope you have a wonderful Father’s day! Belinda x

My final Autumn family session

What a wonderful way to say goodbye to Autumn! Whoever said you should never work with children and animals had no idea on the fun they were missing out on.  I met Bingo and his family at the usual Autumn secret spot and had a ball.  Hilarious! If you have a four legged member of your family, maybe consider bringing them along to your family session.  As you can see, we all had a great time! x

And some black and white, just because! x

I know I posted this family earlier today, but I HAD to share some of these quieter black and white shots. Yes!  He was actually quiet and still part of the time.   ;o)

Monkey Marcus

A couple of weeks ago, I went to my fave autumn spot with a wonderful family of three.  Meet Marcus and his family! This little guy had me running, jumping and the most funnest part, saying ‘Mine!’  ‘My Mummy, My Daddy, My mandarin!’  He was so much FUN! And Mum and Dad were too, happy to run about, roll in the leaves and give lots and lots of tickles to Marcus.  Im pretty sure its safe to say, we all had a great morning. Thanks for coming out to the country guys, I hope Marcus slept all the way home! x

And the beautiful big peoples!

Yep, as promised, some big people love!  I don’t just like having the small version in front of the camera, the adults are just as much fun! Whether it’s a sneaky shot of Mum with Dad at the family session, a couples session or Mothers and their daughters, it’s just as much fun as it is with the small people. New love, old love, family love. xxx Even though I am myself guilty of shying away from the camera, it’s so important to document these sorts of relationships as well as our gorgeous kids.  These moments you can reflect back upon in many years time, that your kids will LOVE looking at as well.  Most people have said to me that they ‘just want the kids done.’  When was the last time you had your photo taken?  ‘Our wedding day’ is usually the response I get.   Go jump in front of the camera for me, get in amongst it with the kids, show the kids how its done. You will thank me for it, I promise!! xx

Or in Black and white!

Me again! I know! Two posts in the same day! But what I wanted to show you was this, that even though the location is stunning in colour, sometimes black and white can be called for.  It can change the feel of an image, for me, the third last image here really illustrates that.  In black and white the image is ‘quieter’.  Even though he only stopped for a second, it shows the quiet side, yes he does have one lol! Let me know what you think.  Should a location like this just be in colour, or do you think, like me, that sometimes black and white can be just as stunning. x

Pretty cute test subject, don't you think? ;o)

So, I decided seeing as the sun was shining, and we had been stuck at home with sick older brother, that Seb and I would head up to my beautiful mini session location to check it out.  I have a few families heading up there this weekend and was paranoid that all the wind and rain we have had of late would have stolen my beautiful leaves away from me! But as you can see, it didn’t. I think this will be the last weekend of it though.  And Healesville greeted us with its crisp morning beauty. Have a look at my very active two year old, running (me) about in the leaves!  He, did, not, stop, running!  Well until that last shot, when I asked him to stop running.  I think he was thinking ‘Why?” xx PS- please excuse his ‘non-photo session worthy attire’.  It was a very last minute decision to head up ;o)  

Autumn Goodness..

Oh, this little guy is a fave of mine!  Pair him up with one of my fave locations and I was in heaven.  Melbourne had turned on its finest Autumn weather, spectacular sun meant the colour amongst the leaves was more than a little fabulous. I think the images speak for themselves.  I have one more weekend of Autumn mini sessions left, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th, be quick, you don’t want to miss all this gorgeous colour! xx

Waiting on hold…

Moving house kinda sucks.  Its not the packing/unpacking, its not all the mess and chaos, I find the most frustrating part being on hold to phone companies. BUT to make it feel a more positive experience for all, here are a couple bursts of colour, hopefully they boost your day like they have mine! x