Golden light….

I’m not left speechless often, yes, all of you that know me well are nodding your heads in agreement. 🙂 This session had the most spectacular light I have ever worked with, all I kept saying to the client was ‘I. Am. So. Excited!!!!’ I felt like a kid in a candy store.  I could have kept shooting this gorgeous family all night.  And you know, they deserved to have this wondrous light, it was the fourth attempt at a session as we kept getting rained out.  Good things do come to those that wait! R & M, here are your glorious angels!  Thanks for such a fun session, there are plenty more for your gallery later this week. B x

Summer's just around the corner!

I had the pleasure of having another session with this gorgeous Mother-Son duo, they were one of my christmas mini sessions last year.  And it was a blast yet again!  I have so much fun with these guys, their love for each other really shines through in these images. Melbs has been putting on some pretty spectacular weather in the last week.  So we decided to head down to the beach for an evening shoot.  It wasn’t exactly warm, it was a tad windy too, which actually gave Deb her own ‘Beyonce wind machine’. 😉 I chose this location independently from Deb, so was stoked to find out this pier holds a special place in her heart.  Some of her Nana’s ashes had been scattered at this very spot, amazing hey! Deb and Ryan, it was a pleasure as always!  Here are some of my faves from your session, will be in touch very soon! Belinda x

Scooter madness!!!

I LOVE it when a client is up for something different, like ‘lets meet at the Eastland rooftop carpark on a Sunday morning REALLY, REALLY early’ different. The sun was out, the blue sky perfection, couldn’t have asked for a better morning. 🙂 So Bec and Stuart, here’s a taste of what we got up to, there are LOADS more of course, but I couldn’t wait to share. x


I don’t have a sister, these lucky ducks have two a piece!  I met up with these lovelies and their grown ups at the park yesterday, was a ton of fun with many gorgeous moments.  Jen and Jason, thanks for bringing the girls down and an extra big thanks to Jason for holding reflectors and defusers! The christmas mini season has begun!  Get ready to be bombarded with loads of happy, smiling faces. 🙂 I have a few sessions left, get in quick before they get snapped up! B x  

One shot – quiet moments

Yep, quiet moments do actually happen during my shoots 😉

I'm a big 3 year old x

Oh, happy heart!  After a very long break of photographing families, I had the absolute pleasure of hanging out with one of my fave families! This family see me every year at the time of their kids birthdays.  This time it was the littlest guy turning 3 we were celebrating.  We returned to the park where I took his one year old photos.  Instead of crawling about, we were running, climbing and it was fabulous. Cas and Dave, I love that you ask me to capture your family, its a privilege I hold dear to my heart.  Here are your beautiful small people! Love Belinda x Much love in this little family and so, so much fun!  xxx

Here's a few of my fave's!

So I thought I would share some of the ‘non-christmasy’ images from the last couple of Christmas mini sessions to give you an idea of what to expect! As Ive said in my ‘about’ page, it’s lots of fun, singing, bad jokes and giggles. xx  

Christmas packages

Good Morning, or evening if you are reading this tonight! 😉   Thought you all might like a look at what goodies Im offering this christmas.  Remember, if you are looking for cards, its good to get onto it pronto so you have plenty of time to write and send them!  Ive included the dates for you as well, hope to see you there! xx

Melbourne sunshine, a personal post.

Hello! I’m not coping with the cold today after having two glorious days of sunshine and warmth over the weekend.  My toes are cold, probably should put some slippers on 😉 If you follow my blog, you will know I have been out of action due to an injury.  Well I got the camera out on Saturday afternoon and it felt so good to be back in my hands.  We had such a lovely time with our friends I had to share the fun we got up to.  Warning, these are not typical portraits, many silly face pulling images will be shared.   We also did a spot of paining at home too, who could resist being outside as much as possible? I hope you all had as lovely a weekend as I did with my little clan. xx

Christmas dates!

I know I keep banging on about christmas, but in a photographers world, when you need to allow time for editing and for printing gorgeous products, the more time you can give your clients, the better.  Not only can you update your family photos in this glorious weather, you can save time (and some cash!) by organising your christmas presents at the same time.   Some of the products you can purchase are prints, canvases and even personalised christmas cards. These sessions don’t have to have a christmas theme, you don’t have to wear hats or have candy canes, but you are more than welcome to if you like. 😉 I have two different packages this year, with the option to upgrade.  Drop me a line via my contact page and I can send them through to you! So without further ado, here are the dates for the mini sessions this year. 🙂