As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts recently, I have the pleasure of photographing families as their children grow. Ive taken Ryan’s portrait three years running now, and each year is just as much fun and heart melting as the year before.  Photographing Deb and Ryan together is such a joy as the bond they share is so, so sweet!  I may just have to do another blog later in the week that has the last three christmas for you so you can see what I mean. But for now, here they are in all their spunkiness.  I challenge you to not sigh at their cuteness. x


Yep, its that time of the year where I play ‘blog catch up’.  Where I share with you my fave sessions from December and January, where I was too busy shooting to be blogging (and maybe wrapping a few christmas presents of my own.) This is gorgeous Caitlyn, whom I have photographed for a few years now and its always so much fun!  She loves to perform and will happily break into a song and dance number at the drop of a hat.  I find thats when I am able to capture Caitlyn being Caitlyn.  She also seems to like my jokes, or is that a polite sympathetic giggle perhaps? Hmm, probably! Here is the pure sugar sweetness that is Caitlyn. xx

Ruby anniversary

Oh to have a love that you can celebrate 40 years of marriage! The warmth and love that this family radiated had me beaming the whole time I was shooting.  Family and life long friends coming together to celebrate a couple that have built such a gorgeous life and family together. A taste of a fabulous day, thanks for allowing me to capture such a special day. xx

Personal post 'Simple life'

Some days you just have to turn off everything, devices, phones, work, your mind and do something simple with your small people, to remind you what its all about, why you do all you do.   Taking pleasure in the simple things. xxx

And some more beautiful

So I am too excited to wait till tomorrow!  Here is Julia, gorgeous Mum of Blake whom I have photographed many times before, so it was defo her time in the spotlight. xx  

It's time it was just about YOU!

Ive been promising to show you something Ive been working on for a while now, something to make you, yes you feel special! Ive always been better with pictures than with words, so no more stalling, here’s to seeing yourself in a way you haven’t before. x

Sunny St Kilda

Hey hey!  Been a while I know, Im only super quick this morning as school holiday madness in full flight at my place! But I did want to sneak in and share a couple of frames from my session last weekend as I know the Mum is busting to check them out.  I have a portrait session with this family twice a year around the time of the children’s birthdays, this session was all about master 4. Enjoy and there are more to come Coomie! xx

Do you do head shots?

So I was asked today,  ‘Do you do head shots?’ And it’s a big, ‘Yes, yes I do!’ I just haven’t really advertised it, so here are some examples of the type of head shots I take.  A mixed bag of people really, a therapist, a builder/business owner, a corporate type and a fitness business owner. These are simple head shot sessions, I do also offer a more ‘deluxe’ session that incorporates shots of your products (if you sell products) or more ‘environmental’ type shots, think in your own space kinda thing  😉 And if there are a bunch of you that are wanting to update your Linked In head shots, why not book an afternoon together?  It can be as formal or as relaxed as you like!  (A cafe for coffees anyone?) xx   Then there’s my own crazy head shots, just so you can see how crazy (or as I like to call it, fun!) I am.

Nadia's one!

Love documenting a baby turning one!  Little hands, toes, giggles and the way they look at you like you’re crazy when singing ‘row, row, row your boat’….. Hmm, so maybe they’re right on that last bit. I had captured Claudia’s first birthday and was lucky enough to do the same for Nadia.  We threw in a few frames of big sister so she didn’t feel left out. 😉 Kasia and Andrew, they are gorgeous, gorgeous girls, lovely little family you have there. xxx