Christmas packages 2015

Yes, I know it’s October, but it’s time to talk christmas. I hold these sessions now so there is time for your session, images being processed, your choices being made and then prints/products all being received by you well before the christmas rush. Melbourne is turning on some magnificent weather for us as well, so hop to it!  Go to my contact page to receive more information in your inbox.  B x

Midweek Mother's / Father's group love

Having a little baby is amazing, sometimes your heart feels as though it will burst with the amount of love you feel for your little human. It’s also a busy, time consuming and exhausting time!  You constantly feel like your’e chasing your tail, never having time for yourself. Mother’s (and father’s!) groups are a saviour in those early days, a cuppa with a group of people that understand the baby fog is fab.  It is something that I remember making time for as it was fun for me and my little person. With all that in mind, I thought why not offer group sessions to these groups?  Especially in the lead up to christmas.  Having fun with your friends, updating your portraits and knocking a few chrissy presents on the head for the grandies….. now that’s what I call multi-tasking! These sessions are for three or more babies/toddlers and are during the week (Mon/Wed/Fri) and are during school hours (9.30-3pm).  All in the one location so you and your little people can feel relaxed and you save time.  This can be a park, the beach or even at one of your homes (all I need is a blank wall with […]

Another milestone birthday….

Polite people don’t speak of age 😉  But I will say it was a milestone and Lyn certainly doesn’t look her age! A gorgeous afternoon at Werribee Mansion, two funny little ladies and a cuddly little man, lots of fun was had!  Happy Birthday Lyn! x


Sometimes the simplest backdrop can be the most effective and this park hit the spot. Sarah and her family were in town from WA for christmas, all the family in the one spot at the same time calls for a photo shoot, well I say it does anyway! I love extended family shoots, lots of loud fun, totally relaxed as the Dads tell their Dad jokes and the kids talk to me about kid stuff.  Cause I’m up with the kid stuff, well enough to make them think that I am 🙂 So we had some fun running, having cuddles and pulling faces.  B x

Dreaming of sunnier days

Oh Melbourne!!! You have outdone yourself the last few days with your gorgeous weather, thank you! I don’t know about you guys, but I have busted out the dresses, the sandals, yippee! It’s also had me thinking about the funner, warmer part of the year.  The part that you can have long lazy days at the park and even stay long enough to have dinner (yay daylight savings!) It really is such a gorgeous time of the year to update your portraits, and even cross a few christmas gifts off your list (gran and gramps perhaps?) Here are a few from a session I did for a family in their local park a little while back.  I’m currently taking bookings on weekends for family sessions, but with daylight savings fast approaching, evening sessions like this one will be snapped up super quick, drop me a line so I can book your session! 🙂

Linda & Greg

It’s not every day that you meet someone on their wedding day.  This poor couple had their photographer cancel on them the week before their big day, so normally I would have met the couple well before they were getting married, but I met Linda and Greg only an hour before they were married! Thankfully Linda and Greg were very relaxed and Linda’s girls so lovely, we were in the swing of the pre-ceremony portraits within minutes.  Taking their portraits in the Treasury gardens was fab! We then moved onto the Old Treasury building to the registry office for the ceremony and then they had a lovely afternoon tea at The Windsor to celebrate. I’m only sharing the pre-ceremony portraits for now, after the family have seen the rest I will share more, I promise! Linda and Gregg, thanks so much for having me along for the ride, hope your relaxing spa retreat was gorgeous and I’ll speak to you soon!  B xx

Doesn't look a day over 21 ;)

As well as taking family portraits, I also cover small celebrations like engagements, anniversaries and birthday parties.  And not just kids birthday parties, but milestones like turning 30. Not that Kellie even looks 30! I’m catching up on blogging, so this was a couple of months ago now and it was a little chillier!  But the heaters were pumping and the dance floor was starting just as I was heading off. Lots of family, friends and yummy food.  And a little excitement when the birthday cake caught fire! Kellie, your family and friends were so welcoming and you could see how much you are loved. Happy 30th year! Belinda x

Fiona & Chris get engaged

So you may remember this lovely couple from a blog post a little bit ago, I also had the pleasure of capturing their engagement party last year and am finally sharing it with you now. Fiona and Chris had an afternoon tea party at Rosebank Receptions in Nth Ringwood.  It was a family affair, kids made super welcome with their own table and further tables outside on the lawns, all provided a fun relaxed vibe. Fiona had asked for me to not only capture the day’s moments, but also to take family photos for her guests so as to have very personal thank you notes later on (this lady thought of everything!) The cake was gorgeous and Chris’s speech super long (and very funny!)  There were little girls twirling in front of beautiful mirrors, smiles and lots of hugs.  A gorgeous couple and a gorgeous day. Here is some of the love.  B xx And here is my second shooter for the day, he was a champ 😉

Music makes him happy!

Oh this little man stole my heart!  He was my bestie the minute I walked in and wanted to sit right NEXT to me, we were such great friends.  Which would normally be fine, if I wasn’t there to take his photos! We danced, read books with Mum, chased Dad down the hallway and played cars with Nonna and Nonno. Was an action packed hour and a half that produced beautiful images that Im so excited to share with you now. Thanks so much for having me guys! x

Dance like nobody is watching

Oh to be little in a swirly dress again.  Miss Violet, you are truly adorable. xx