Sunny St Kilda

Hey hey!  Been a while I know, Im only super quick this morning as school holiday madness in full flight at my place! But I did want to sneak in and share a couple of frames from my session last weekend as I know the Mum is busting to check them out.  I have a portrait session with this family twice a year around the time of the children’s birthdays, this session was all about master 4. Enjoy and there are more to come Coomie! xx

Nadia's one!

Love documenting a baby turning one!  Little hands, toes, giggles and the way they look at you like you’re crazy when singing ‘row, row, row your boat’….. Hmm, so maybe they’re right on that last bit. I had captured Claudia’s first birthday and was lucky enough to do the same for Nadia.  We threw in a few frames of big sister so she didn’t feel left out. 😉 Kasia and Andrew, they are gorgeous, gorgeous girls, lovely little family you have there. xxx

Hello 2014!

Well, school holidays are drawing to a close for our family this week.  It’s gone so, so quickly and we have had a blast! Which also means I am behind on blogging the families that I have still be having sessions with over the summer.  So you all know what that means, yep, expect to be bombarded with post the next week or so whilst I catch up. Summer is the best time to have sessions.  The weather is beautiful, we can head outdoors, be it a park or the beach, it’s so nice to be outside!   Thanks to daylight savings, sessions can also be held during the week later in the evening when there is delicious golden light. So, without further adieu, the first session up are these really unattractive people that live in a really ugly part of the world ….  just kidding!  These guys couldn’t be any cuter if they tried and where they live is paradise. It was really hard to narrow this session down to the images I have chosen, Alex and Graham, Ida May is just divine.  Enjoy these images, there are plenty more for you as well! xx

Here's a few of my fave's!

So I thought I would share some of the ‘non-christmasy’ images from the last couple of Christmas mini sessions to give you an idea of what to expect! As Ive said in my ‘about’ page, it’s lots of fun, singing, bad jokes and giggles. xx  

Happy Fathers Day!

To all the wonderful Dad’s I have had the pleasure of shooting this year (and those that are reading right now!)  I hope you have a wonderful Father’s day! Belinda x

Or in Black and white!

Me again! I know! Two posts in the same day! But what I wanted to show you was this, that even though the location is stunning in colour, sometimes black and white can be called for.  It can change the feel of an image, for me, the third last image here really illustrates that.  In black and white the image is ‘quieter’.  Even though he only stopped for a second, it shows the quiet side, yes he does have one lol! Let me know what you think.  Should a location like this just be in colour, or do you think, like me, that sometimes black and white can be just as stunning. x

Pretty cute test subject, don't you think? ;o)

So, I decided seeing as the sun was shining, and we had been stuck at home with sick older brother, that Seb and I would head up to my beautiful mini session location to check it out.  I have a few families heading up there this weekend and was paranoid that all the wind and rain we have had of late would have stolen my beautiful leaves away from me! But as you can see, it didn’t. I think this will be the last weekend of it though.  And Healesville greeted us with its crisp morning beauty. Have a look at my very active two year old, running (me) about in the leaves!  He, did, not, stop, running!  Well until that last shot, when I asked him to stop running.  I think he was thinking ‘Why?” xx PS- please excuse his ‘non-photo session worthy attire’.  It was a very last minute decision to head up ;o)  

Autumn Goodness..

Oh, this little guy is a fave of mine!  Pair him up with one of my fave locations and I was in heaven.  Melbourne had turned on its finest Autumn weather, spectacular sun meant the colour amongst the leaves was more than a little fabulous. I think the images speak for themselves.  I have one more weekend of Autumn mini sessions left, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th, be quick, you don’t want to miss all this gorgeous colour! xx


I love photographing brand, spanking new babies!  I was especially excited about this session as she is my brand new niece.  Yep, proud aunty here! Introducing my kids to their cousin was so lovely, the boys were especially sweet to watch.  Boys that are usually loud, fast and crazy, were interested, quiet and very gentle.  My heart was melting! Nana and Poppa most generously took these noisy boys home so I could spend some quiet time with Imogen and Jasmine, eldest grandchild and youngest grandchild.  Then Imogen became my assistant and we captured some moments between new Mum, Dad and bubs.  The light in their house was so beautiful, I could have stayed all day, but babies and new Mums need their sleep! So here is Jasmine, my new, beautiful niece. x  

Princess in the park

What started out to be an average rainy Melbourne day, turned into a beautifully sunny and gorgeous one. Thankfully!  As Jess and Trav had planned to have Eve’s first birthday in their local park, it was perfect! Lots of yummy food, picnic blankets and games of cricket.  Everyone had a ball! Especially Jack.  At cake time, his Dad asked him what song they were about to sing, and he got to sing his favorite song. This would have to be the first time I have heard “Baa, baa black sheep” at cake time, if you’re asked a question, why not tell them what you really want!  Go Jack! Jess and Trav, your little family are just beautiful!  Eve, I love a cake too and am probably just as messy as you. Guys, here is your preview, more soon. xx