Carols by candle light

Third year running of the Carols by candlelight at my kids school, and I still enjoy photographing it so much.  The kids really enjoy themselves, which you can see in the images below.

First few images though are some of the carols organisers (not all of them, there are some that I missed!) A huge thank you to the work that goes on behind the scenes months prior to the event.  Well done guys, you have created an event that my kids love and really look forward to each year.  And from the turn out, more families are discovering how lovely it is for us to all come together before christmas.  So a huge thank you to you! xx

Enjoy the images below, and parents and friends of Holy Spirit, I will have the all the images from the evening for you to view on the return to school, will ask Julie to put the password in the newsletter.

Merry Christmas everyone!  Belinda 2015-12-23_0014Carols 2015-33232015-12-23_00132015-12-23_00102015-12-23_00022015-12-23_00092015-12-23_00062015-12-23_00012015-12-23_00082015-12-23_00072015-12-23_00212015-12-23_00202015-12-23_00222015-12-23_00192015-12-23_00182015-12-23_00172015-12-23_00162015-12-23_0015

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